Quality guaranteed

Our company’s overriding objective is for the products to have a high level of quality and environmental compatibility to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers both at home and abroad.

NIDEC GPM has developed an integrated management system which combines quality and environmental aspects.
The so-called process landscape, which is stored on a company-wide network, is continuously developed and improved. All employees hereby obtain access to current process flows, process instructions and forms.

Our management system is certified to ISO TS 16949, with a CAQ system and an ERP system supporting the production processes.

Error-preventing measures – Poka Yoke – are introduced in the advanced quality planning process with modern methods, such as the implementation of P-FPIA with the aim of zero errors.
These modern practices are also becoming increasingly popular amongst our partners as part of supplier development.

Our company has been classified an ‘A supplier’ for years in quality and system evaluations by automotive manufacturers.