The objective: less fuel consumption and fewer emissions. Our solution: volume flow control through switchable and adjustable pump systems with a direct connection to the engine control unit.

Our product range not only includes conventional water pumps for the entire range of combustion engines, beginning with pumps for motorcycles, for car pumps, all the way to lorry and large diesel engine applications.

Innovative variable pump designs have made their way into the series. With oil pumps, too, adjustable solutions mirror the trend in innovation: NIDEC GPM designs for volume flow- and pressure-variable oil pumps integrate the systems directly into engine management.

With ideas and solutions for engine cooling in hybrid and electric vehicles, we are best equipped for the future. In addition to water and oil pumps, our modules combine other functions in one product.

We also demonstrate expertise in alternative designs for transmission oil pumps.

Last but not least, our product range is rounded off by precision mechanical seals for sealing liquid and gaseous media in machine and plant construction, in environmental technology, and in the chemical and food industries.

Answering the calls of our international customers, we also maintain production locations in China and Brazil in addition to the production and development location in Germany. On top of this, our technical sales office in the USA provides the best possible support for our customers in the NAFTA area.